Boxing Day

I didn’t have the chance to post what we did on Boxing Day with the kids. After Jake got back from work, and the kids waiting anxiously since morning, the kids finally opened their Christmas gifts. They were delighted tearing the wrappers out opening their own chosen gifts. We went to Toys RUs a week before and walk with them thoroughly the toy store and let them choose what they want. We’ve done that 2 years in a row. I know they won’t get the surprised look but it’s good to teach them patience. They’ve been good for week and it’s a plus for me and Jake. Besides, surprises aren’t only being reserved for Christmas.

Joe all smiles when it’s time to open presents

Javier, upon retrieving his present from under the Christmas Tree

Javier tearing it up

Joe figuring where’s the opening

Judith doesn’t want anyone near hers

Finally they got them opened which left ME to pick up the unwanted wrappers!

Javier got wooden blocks. I don’t know why he loves them so much. This is the 2nd bucket he has.

This time, it’s packed nicely… had to use the cutter to slice through.

Joe doing the WOW thing while Javier takes a peek
(another Hot Wheels.. it’s either that or trains-always something to do with tracks)

Judith got her baby which cries and coos

The baby with no name yet.. so cute

Now she has another child to mind

Judith’s Doll House which she got for extra for her ‘mommy-ing skills’ looking after her brothers every now and then!

Joe with his almost finished racing track

There we are… wrapping up Christmas Season. Opening a New Year and looking forward to more joys and unity among everything that matters!

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