SFA Christmas Bazaar 2008

The SFA Christmas Bazaar was held in the church compound. Many people came to support this charity. Parishioners had their own stalls to governed while others chipped in by buying coupons which was RM10 per booklet to use on food, decorations, clothes, books, games, etc. There was also a mini concert where orphans and spastic children came and share the merriment.

Fellow Catholic Africans also joined in the charity.. they brought forward electrical appliances, toys for kids, rice and also their authentic traditional food for the charity event.

Mr. Clown for kids.. he wasn’t very friendly.. he was missing most of the time. We went on a hunt to look for him cuz‘ Judith wanted a balloon. When we found him, he simply make a balloon. ~Boo-Hoo~

Ooo.. that’s mom’s stall with her BEC friends. They sold Mr. OBAMA burgers and hot dogs as you can see on the posters and banners courtesy of Jake (design) and Daniel (printing).

Look who’s cooking! That’s my mom. She was there from 7am to 5pm!!!

That’s my dad at his ‘T-shirt Stall’. Erm.. or should I say Bench?

This is Father Valentine. He’s the parish priest of SFA. He’s cooking his signature dish. NO it wasn’t Mexican Food… Yee-Har!

That’s my sis, Elaine with her lucky-pick gift. Inside is a towel. I call it her ‘towel-of-insecurities’. HAHA~

Judith and Elaine cam-whoring!!! Judith got a little wristlet from the lucky-pick!

Finally, a picture of ME and Judith! We were all sweaty. The weather was ovenly hot. I’ll make sure to bring a hand-fan next time around.

On our way down the church hill out of the bazaar. Judith wanna take picture with the big yellow balloon.

Our walk back to our car. My brother, Edmund is in front.. Elaine is behind him and Santa Ronald is at the back!!! FYI, we parked at the lighting shop and walked all the way to the church. It was exhausting with the heat plus the crowd. Ooo.. I manged to checked into 7-Eleven to buy myself a 100Plus , Judith a Kickapoo and a big bottle of the new Miranda Ice Cream Soda for everyone!

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