Q-Dees Annual Concert 2008

Q-DEES Annual  Concert 2008
Venue : Auditorium, Petronas Bangi
Date : 8th November 2008
Time : 9am-1pm
On our way there…

Judith all dolled up

BEHOLD – The stage to stardom!

The impatient went to sleep… psst~ he’s acting out only

Mom is checking out the schedule

Look at her!

Judith with her friend, I-lya at backstage…

Javier in his costume which never made it to the stage!

Judith and Javier waiting backstage! I was there to calm Javier down!

This is Judith’s performance.. she’s in purple and shaking it!

Lots of competition going on here…

Lotsa’ grabbing Bollywood style

More shocking grabbing.. thank goodness Judith wasn’t in any part of it. The two grabbing routines were danced by another Q-Dees centre.
Where’s his partner? Prefer to dance alone?

Judith had a minor role as one of the beautiful girls in this “Beautiful Girl” performance.
I brought Javier’s babysitter along
Javier got the ‘Best Reader Award’ for 3 years old!
His prize!
Judith won the ‘Excellence Reader Award’. She finished reading the whole set of 24 books of Q-Dees.
Group picture.. one more year to go for Judith’s Q-dess graduation!
The END!

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