Mountain Climbing III

This time around, my sister followed us on our mountain climbing trip. We started off at 9.30am and we made it to Station 6 today. It was murky and muddy as it rained 2 days before. The ground color was OREO-like with GELATO texture. 

I took some candid pictures of my sister which was delightfully funny!!!
Elaine says, “I’m going down….. snap me!”

navigate… navigate…

Elaine loses part of her soul.. wahaha I meant SOLE!

Look!  Left one gone.

Looks like she wanna hop from here to there.

Bridge crossing made yucky! Jake had to standby in case she decides to take a dive.

I see butts.. do you see what I see?

Wahaha~ Another SOLE gone! We call it Nike without the air.

Bye Hubby

Thorny trap.. sis accidentally grabbed hold of them while trying to stay vertical.. Poor you!

Big, huge ants.. Javier, I’ll bring home one for you next time, ya?

Hub and ME!
This is real candid! So AWKWARD!

Beautiful tress beautiful breeze

Station 6 bench-resters.. keke

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