Mountain Climbing II

Today, I went mountain climbing again with hubby. My legs ached since the day before…maybe because of walking too much at Genting Highlands. But, exercise is generally good and healthy for well-being, so why not?  

Do you know that sweating actually improve one’s skin texture? I noticed that since I did mountain climbing, my zits have lessen. It’s good for my legs anyway.. HEHE toning kao kao.
We started a little late today. I got up late and lazed around :p.. After sending the kids over to my in-laws’ place, we had light breakfast which includes ‘kaya toast’ and a cup of hot MILO
During mountain climbing, whenever we see people passing by no matter hiking up or down, we would wish them ‘Good Morning‘. Old folks are so friendly; they would gladly reply our gesture with a smile. Young people like us, would just stare at you in the face and continue their journey. WTH? Is it that hard to say hi? Well, maybe they’re just too tired or out of breath to utter a word. These people need some spanking!!!
down we go…

haha… hubby crossing the bridge

harlow sunshine!

up…up…up… the only way to go

more upper and rough terrains

reaching Station 3

Welcome to Station 3.. all the uncles and aunties ‘pat-pat’ here

one of the biggest tree roots I’ve seen

bye bye hubby!

look who we met in the jungle… Mr Goh from HLB!

chicken rice here we come!

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