Madagascar 2 : Escape to Africa

We went for the movie, “Madacascar 2 : Escape to Africa” earlier today. Our movie was at 11.30am at TGV, Cheras Selatan. We arrived there at 10am; says the car clock, but noticed it was faster than the exact time. So, we were early. Very early. We sat in the car and wait for the shopping centre shutters to go up. There were already tens of people gathering at the entrance. Once the auto-door opened, you can see people rushing in. It’s the holidays after all. That’s why we chose to watch the earliest movie to avoid the crowd. We got our ‘Gloria’ the hippo headgears on beforehand.. heard some people giggling saying, “Cute-nya, telinga arnab.”.. then the other said, “Badak lah!”.. LOL~

We had breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam. Sooo early nobody!!! YEAY~
Baby Hippo doing the ‘I Like 2 Move It, Move It’

Dotter Hippo

Sonny Hippo

Momma Hippo

Papa Hippo (w/o ears) meet Baby Hippo

Baby Hippo caught Dotter Hippo in the act

Baby Hippo asked me to say ‘Cheese-Pizza’

Momma Hippo + Dotter Hippo

After breakfast, it was still earlier. We tried taking our time, eating very slowly and yet there’s still 30 minutes to spare. We walked towards Jaya Jusco Departmental Store and ended up at the playland!

Sonny Hippo playing the kiddy beat drum

From left : Dotter Hippo dancing along, Sonny Hippo doing the beat and Baby Hippo amazed!

Video of Sonny Hippo drumming away!

Dotter Hippo and Baby Hippo hitched a ride in a Jap Police car

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