LEJADI’s Charity Night

Last Friday, Jake and I went to a LEJADI Charity Dinner. FIL bought a table as to support CC who was dancing as one of the backup dancers for the event. It was held at One World Hotel at Bandar Utama. The event was graced by our King and Queen and also a few other royalties. The main objective was to collect funds for a few organizations while Miss Elisa Furr was flown down from Las Vegas to give us a taste of her extraordinaire impersonation of Celine Dion and Tina Turner.

Well, I personally went there not to see Miss Elisa’s performance but to support CC and Nancy who was also dancing for Miss Elisa. The food was a 5 course menu but it was below average. Cordial drinks were only offered once per person. So, liquid was very limited that night.

I magnified the paragraph above for you:


“A Socially Responsible Evening with Elisa Furr”
28th November 2008, Imperial Ballroom One World Hotel
Bandar Utama, PJ, Selangor

With a list of credits that include Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artiste, MTV video dancer, international Jingle Artiset, Producer, Voice Coach and Television & Film-music Composer, Elisa Furr is widely acclaimed for her uncanny ability to also impersonate Celine Dion and Tina Turner. Elisa also reigns as one of the world’s best Celine Dion impersonators.

Experience Elisa’s awesome performance from the very first beat of music as she delivers with passion and fervor like no other performer. Backed by eight (8) Musicians, three (3) Back-up vocals and four (4) Dancers lead by the winner of Season 2 “So You Think Can Dance, Season 2 ” “Sizzling C.C” (Cecilia Yong). Elisa’s magnetic stage presence coupled to her gorgeous costumes allows her to mesmerize her audiences as only true Divas like Celine Dion, Tina Turner and Mariah Carey seem able to do.

Identify with our charitable cause, contribute from RM 280.00 upwards per pax (inclusive of Set Dinner) and make a date with us on Friday 28th November 2008. You will be amazed at how effortlessly Elisa sings from her heart, putting herself out there, baring her soul for one and all!



ME! All dolled up for the evening!

The ceiling.. it was so beautiful!

ME and Hubby

Ekin and ME


Hubby :)

Kelvin and FIL
Ok, my FIL is goofing around while waiting for our dinner. Dinner was only served after 9pm.

My cordial and my water.. it’s only mine. Cannot share because there’s no refill.

The 5 course menu

Our appetizer
Get this; on the menu it says, Caesar Salad with anchovies and Herby croutons.
Frankly, the vege was ok but there weren’t any croutons. It was a slice of garlic bread.

Last dish of the night @ dessert
This dessert was stated as ‘Ice-cream cake with raspberry sauce’. I didn’t see any cake nor taste the raspberry sauce. Arrgh~ even the fudge was tasteless.
I didn’t take the pictures of the other dishes because they were horrible.

Miss Elisa Furr with her first song. She wore a batik print butterfly dress custom-made for her by our very own Malaysian Designer. So pwetty she cried for it.

Her rendition of Power of Love was powerful. I’m glad she didn’t make herself look like Celine Dion. She’s paying tribute to her, which is nice. I don’t like people who are wannabes, who wants to be someone they couldn’t possibly be.

The event finished close to 12am. We mingled with CC and Nancy after the event. They were both bathed in sweat. When we left, Jake had to line up for his car at the Jockey Desk. Then, his keys had to line up for its turn being picked up. There were too many people. Even the main entrance of the hotel was packed with dolled up people. So funny! It was a nice night with light drizzle and light entertainment, mostly from watching the wealthy dressed up in their best outfits. COUGH~

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