Kid’s Guide to Making a ~Splash~

First of all, choose the perfect play pool; not too big, not too small.. one that doesn’t require any pumping so mommy won’t get frustrated when it’s ~SPLASH~ time.

  1. Take your places while filling up the pool. Make sure you know where’s your post and be present at all times to prevent pool from rupturing.
  2. Be patient! Wait for the water to fill up till at least a quarter of the pool.
  3. When, the pool shape is visible to an O, you may change into your water gears.
  4. While stripping, do not do it in a flash. In some cases, one may stripped so fast that they forget to remove their CROCS which may cause the lost of a CROC.
  5. Before, going into the pool, make sure there’s an adult to supervise you or you may be in danger!
  6. When you’re inside the pool, inspect for dirt or ants. Kill all parasites to ensure safe pool playing :)
  7. Before you start doing anything, warm your body first with stretching and push-ups.
  8. If you prefer something not so exhausting, meditation also helps as seen as below.
  9. Do not sit inappropriately in the play pool when boys are around. It’ll create unwanted attention.
  10. Never do stunts when other poolers are around you. Someone might get hurt.
  11. If can, better don’t do any stunts because the person that’s going to get hurt is probably yourself.
  12. So, the best is to just lie down and do some minor kicking.
  13. Or… try to stay afloat while watching birds go by.
  14. When the sky starts to change color, do get ready to have the last ~SPLASH~ of the day.
  15. Don’t forget to call all poolers before you get out. Some might be enjoying themselves too much that they forget the time of the day.
  16. Get out of the pool ASAP as soon as mommy says!
  17. Oh, where did the kids go? I meant get out with your suits on not without them!!! LOL~ Well, don’t panic! They just removed their gears and head upstairs for a quick shower and a quick change into their pajamas!


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