Judith’s Visit to the Salon, etc

Judith desperately need to trim her locks. It’s getting way out of hand. Tangled and splitting everyday. So, I brought her to MICO salon today. And since I was there, I thought of taming my mane too.

Javier was on camera duty today… he’s my blog assistant now.. assisting me in taking pictures when I’m busy.
Judith having her hair done

Kinda look like a scene from a horror movie, “The Wig” or “The Hair”

One happy girl with her new hairdo

Then.. while I wait for my turn, they start to snap away! 

Hey… you got me on my bad side of the face

Judith playing with my hair that has been snipped off :(

Mom dropped by to see the kids.. actually to bring Judith to the loo!
Ooo.. she bought herself a new bag too.. Hmm

After the haircut, I brought the kids to the playland.. and guess what? Judith got herself a high score for a game machine > Doraemon driving arcade game which requires to get as much Dorayaki as possible.

Look!!! To win, you need 30 points; but she got 44 points!

We went home and Javier got his gear ready for milk time… here’s his position while waiting..

With Mickey on his side and a hanky tucked underneath his neck.. waiting for his bottle

Then, finally MILK comes and save the day!

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