Genting & GBA

On Friday afternoon after lunch, we (Jake, ME, Elaine, Joe, Judith and Javier) went up to Genting Highlands. Jake and my sis went up there for the Golden Bull Awards thingy whereas the kids and I went on our own ways. We checked into the First World Hotel at about 4 something. We got the Superior Deluxe room while my sis stayed in the Deluxe room with her colleague.

The weather was cooling and it got pretty foggy towards the top!!!
Kids love the cool breeze

Eh? Where’s Little Rock?

Bloated by high pressure
This was our room – bright and cosy

All getting comfy in the room

Boys will always be boys

Sis hogged our room while waiting for Jassy – her roommate

YUP~ I’ve unpacked all the toiletries
*first thing I always do when I unzip the luggage bag

Bathtub!!! Kids number ONE priority!

This was Elaine & Jassy’s room – kinda eerie and gloomy

One view can view it all!
Cute TV thou’
After Jassy arrived, my sis left to her room to get ready. Jake also got his suit on and we went downstairs together. He left to the GICC (Genting International Convention Centre) for the Golden Bull Awards Dinner while me and the kids went food hunting. People were everywhere pushing and rushing for who knows what. Anyway, we went to Torcello’s but it was closed for renovation. The kids craved for chips but I didn’t want to go for fast food, so we settled down at Hainanese Restaurant since they were serving grilled chicken with chips. Dinner was horrible but food is still food…
Judith got herself an airbrush tattoo.. Joe didn’t want any and proceed running away!
Haihz.. Joe..Joe…Joe
Joe waiting patiently for his Grilled Chicken Chop

After dinner, we went and bought tickets for the rides. Ticket pricing had no doubt increased humongously. Well, can’t let the kids down too. So off we went, got our wristbands and queued for rides.

Wondering what’s Javier afraid of?
THIS > to be exact
Harlow boat man… ‘Can you row a bit faster?’
oooo… Wii machine
Got PS3 some more!!!
*so… is this where parents put their teenagers to babysit while they visit the casinos’?
Craved for a cuppa but my hands were full with little hands
Ferris Wheel.. here we come!
Javier getting bored of queuing.. lifted his shirt over his head dy
View from the TOP
*infested with more adults than kids

Joe hanging on to his Black Beauty
Giddy UP
Javier wasn’t in the mood for carousels
He sat quietly throughout the ride
Kiddy rides

While we had our rides, Jake and Elaine have their dinner cum award with their colleagues. Jake took some pictures for me to upload in my blog…

Double trouble…. will the real table please stand out?
The beautiful lit-up stage
Romantic table setting
Scrumptious Menu
*wished I was there to savour it :(
Mr Tee and Mr Leong
Elaine and Jassy
Mr Lim and Mr SK Tan

U-jin and Mr Jack

Look who finally arrives….

We all are WINNERS!

At about 10.30pm, before going back to the hotel room, we stopped by to say hi to hubby and his colleagues… snapped some pictures too!

Javier and Jake
Judith and ME
Off we went up… kids had a bath then the dogs came out :

Hub got back with goodies which the kids love. We had Maggi Mee for supper. One cup per person!

Goodies from Golden Bull Award
Normal Maggi
Bloated version
Next morning….. wake up, breakfast, down the mountain and home sweet home!
Beautiful morning sky

Western and Eastern MIX
Judith enjoying her ‘Yau-Char-Koay’
‘Yau-Char-Koay’ dipped in mushroom soup taste incredibly yummy.. you should give it a try!
Before we descend, we took in the great view!
Hmm.. abandoned project, maybe?

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