Evening Play 6

There’s a new kinda POP~POP~ in town. Well, maybe I’m the one who is outdated. It’s more expensive by a few cents and it’s definitely louder than the old one. Yeap.. the old one is the one with the yellow packaging.

My three JAYS’ were so excited when they know they would be playing it… they thought it would be the old POP~POP~ but not until the first one was thrown.. 
Judith didn’t like the loud bang it made! Look at her facial expression, haha. She didn’t even POP one.

The boys are enjoying every popping minute of it

Javier picking up the ones that didn’t POP
These new ones are made of plastic materials.. it cracks open just like that!
Oh dear! Javier is doing wall-popping
Judith shared her POP~POPS~ with her brothers..
Oh dear… my mom is gonna make some noise!
P/S : A strong wind came and blew the POP~POPS~ out of the porch.. wahaha don’t need sweeping anymore!

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