Dinner & Play

Hubby wanted to give the kids a surprise> a visit to the KLCC Park!!!!

We had dinner at Burger King  @ KLCC complete with ice-cream as dessert. The kids were all smiles and exciting not knowing where we’re bringing them after dinner. The minute they saw the display of the dancing fountain, they knew where they were and knew immediately what was coming up. Pretty sly ya?
6.42pm – orange slides
Jake helping Joe up to the monkey bars

Judith helping Javier to warm up


Joe slides away

6.45pm – green slides
Javier sooo happy!!!

Taking turns down

6.50pm – Purple land
Jake helping Javier up the steep stairs

Joe stopped to pose for me!

7.03pm – moving to another zone

7.06pm - Darkness spreading across the playground
Climbing the spiderweb

They all went up, miraculously

Then, Javier’s leg got stucked

Oh…oooo Judith got scared when she reached the top

Daddy saved the day!

I went up too soon after I took this picture.. parents up to the rescue!

Oh no.. the web has caught Judith

7.12pm – more slides more ladders
Javier moving on to others… all wet and sweaty!

Joe still hanging around the spiderweb with Jake keeping an eye on him
We left soon at 7.25pm. It was getting really dark and mosquitoes were playing pee-ka-boos already. Before we left, we hydrated ourselves. Joe shared Evian water with Jake, both Judith and Javier chose Ribena while I took a can of Nescafe Latte and a bottle of Lipton Green Tea for later.
P/S : Kids had fun but we were a little tired thou. We had to chase after them wherever they went. Up and down, in and out :p

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