Dinner at The Outdoors

For so many weeks or should I say months.. I haven’t had dinner with Jake personally. He has been so busy with work.

So on Saturday, he decided to bring me to this place where they serve thai food, called Fish Farm Thai Restaurant. It’s hidden somewhere behind the road of Mini Genting. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s better to enter with a 4WD vehicle as the road is bumpy. What a bumpy ride we had going in and out. The road kinda leads to nowhere which was scary as it was dark and it was raining.

We reached dy.. now I’m afraid to get out because I’m wearing my new flats and it’s raining cats and dogs and the ground is muddy and murky.. SOBS~

There were a few huts there.. this is definitely the family hut. We sat at the bigger hut. There were even mini huts for the romantics.

We reached there bout’ 6pm and the place was already packed. Luckily we got a table. Thou only 2 of us, we got a table for 8.
That’s the place where they prep and do all food that need to be ‘bakar-ed’.

The scenery was spectacular. Very serene yet cooling with the fish and vegetable farm surrounding us.

You can even see the cold mist above the water….

Fishes everywhere… all around you.. below you…

Oooo.. look! She’s fishing for our fish! You go gal! She’s Thai btw. Most of them are Thais’. Communication difficulty : 5

Our first dish is called, ‘Sei Tai Tin Wong’ as in 4 veges prepared in a dish ala ‘sambal belacan’ style.

Tom Yam soup.. one thing that we must try when we dine in a Thai Restaurant. This soup is really one in a hundred. The aroma and taste is very different than the normal ones we tried before. The chef added basil leaves which makes the soup a little minty. It’s not too spicy; which was good as we savored it thoroughly.

BBQ lamb.. very tasty! Hubby gobbled most of it.

Our last dish… OMG this fish is so delicious. You can’t spot the fishiness as in ‘hanyir’. It’s so perfect but a little too spicy even for Jake. What about me? Jake sweat his head off while I itched my tongue off. We ate as much as we could until we couldn’t no more. Guess how much!!!

Took a picture before we left!!! We shall be back again with fellow food lovers!

It was getting dark and more diners came, so we paid and left quickly so our table would be available for others to enjoy this hearty meal.

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