SAKURA where art thou?

Yesterday, we went for dinner at SAKURA. It’s situated along Jalan Imbi. We used to love SAKURA a lot. But since last night, I doubt we’ll ever patronize it again. It really gave us a bad impression of the place the moment we sat down.
Thou, it’s been renovated, modernized and added another floor, it doesn’t deserved it.
What’s BAD?

  • OMiGosh! The waiter that took our orders could have land a role as Joker in Batman. He looked so serious and didn’t even try to smile. At least Joker grinned.
  • There were too many waiters and waitresses. Most of the time, they were hovering one another. Each time, a different face attend us.
  • The noodle dishes were okay but their signature ‘nasi lemak’ was thumbs down. The rice was too ‘lemaky’ so is the chicken curry. Lemak+Lemak don’t really go well. The food quality decreased awfully. The ‘acar’ that was supposed to come before/with the dish together was sent later.
  • Cc’s dessert, ‘cendol’ came without ‘cendol’. Haha it was funny. It was only ice and beans. A waitress names “ICE” took the ‘non-cendol’ back to the kitchen to be remake. But the worse thing is that, no one cared to inform us that they ran out of cendol. We waited until the captain came and told us the chef in the kitchen knew about it and yet they still serve customers; so to speak, they serve customers ‘cendol’ without its ‘cendol’. The captain also told us that he had cancelled our ‘cendol’ order. WOW~ I didn’t know our orders could be cancelled automatically by someone else. It’s like getting a slap in the face!
  • Do not order the ice-cream cakes…

  • The whole restaurant is a smoking hub. What makes it worse is, there were families with children. Plus, smoking in an air-conditioned area can get really stuffy. 
  • There were only 2 round tables.. LOL~

What’s GOOD?

  • Two waiters name Tony and Michael
  • The fact that Javier vomited all over the chair and carpet. They were so efficient in cleaning up the mess.

SAKURA, you’ve break our hearts~
P/S : No pictures… too bad to be viewed!

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