My MONDAY Connection

Do I look angry enough?

Me gosh!! My internet connection sucks. Idiot, pathetic, useless line. Hehe.. not that I can’t live without going online; it’s just that the patience it takes to reconnect and disconnect and so on and on. Aargh~ even ironing isn’t so mind bending.

I could easily go crazy for this but not to the extend of killing myself! Well, I basically go online to check my mail, bump my threads, chat with Jake @ hubby, chat with my sis @ Elaine, disturb my brother @ Ed, ‘pat-pat’ with CC, update my yummy blog, etc. I do save loads of money by going online than doing the thumb exercise on my mobile; not to mention, I do save my mobile from getting electrocuted each time it gets plugin into the socket.

Boring that I can’t surf properly, have to keep on refresh and reload.. then when it finally loads, it says ‘session timeout’. It’s like I’m playing the waiting game. Checking mail is a hassle too.

You can’t view pictures, you can’t load the videos. Just so nerve racking…

When my connection sucks, I call it MONDAY. It’s like the ‘Monday Blues’, if you know what I mean. It’s either I can chat or I can surf.. not both at once. Luckily I still can write in my blog and upload new topics. If not, my blog won’t be yummy anymore.. :p I guess you gotta be patient. Just let it DC and RC on it’s own, I’m sure it’ll get fed-up by itself and it’ll be all good > Like NOW!!!
Haaarrrrllllooowww NEWDAY!

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