Mountain Climbing

Jake insist that we should go mountain climbing together and how could I decline his offer? HEHE~ Everywhere he goes I’ll go, no matter rain nor shine! The mountain we went is called Bukit Saga or also known as Bukit Apek

So.. today was my first trip up and down the mountain. And I had to bring my camera along to snap some pictures to post here. I wore comfy clothes but I think I ought to get proper ones. I haven’t been exercising for a very long time except for going up and down the flight of stairs at home. BTW, my mom’s place is 3-storeys high so it ain’t cheeky either. 
Trees, trees everywhere…. so peaceful yet so calming…

Up to Station/Level 6 anyone?

My gear!!!

Markers were everywhere so you won’t go missing.. well unless you pissed the forest undertakers > oh well you won’t understand what I’m saying anyway. 

AID-lines were left by experienced hikers to ease people like us during tough terrain

Rubber trees here

Rubber trees there

Our way down

Pretty hot by the time we came down from the mountain

Hubby wait!!! I haven’t done snapping pictures… WAIT~

YUP… we’re finally down and off we went looking for ‘air kelapa’


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