Evening Play IV

Our evening play was a day around the neighbourhood plus a visit to the field where the kids enjoyed slides and swings.

Here we go looby-loo

March 2-3-4

Did they exchange this for….

THIS? I think it’s a great idea! More seats now…

Saw dog poo-poo infested with ants… YUCK

Then saw a dead rodent.. kids went screaming.. Aaaaaa~

Wasted honeydew.. not mine but my favourite fruit

BBQ’d froggy. Hmm.. wonder what happened to it?

Other ways to use unwanted bathtubs


Lonely swings

Not so lonely anymore!!!

Javier gave Judith some pushes too

Javier’s first time going solo on the swing

WHEE~ I’m flying!

I had some fun on the swings too.. used to be my favourite when I was little and my dad used to push me way up high in the air

SEE and no SAW.. one part is missing


Hai-Yak style

Stuck! Not moving!

Down I come

And OUT and UP I go

Peaceful serene garden

Aeroplane here and there

Baby pineapple

Flower Cactus – very thorny

Little milipede crossing our paths

Plenty of aloe vera around the field

At first, I really thought this was a real gun.. then I went around it and saw, ‘Made in China’. LOL~

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