Evening Play III – Water Gunz

Today, I got the kids mini water-guns. They were definitely happy and can’t wait to get their hands on them. By 5pm they reminded me it’s evening already. I don’t want to disappoint them so I locked the gates and out they went!

Judith helping Javier to fill his gun

Joe fillng his gun with much anticipation. Look at his face! 

Javier testing his shooting skills 
Joe testing the water gun on himself.. LOL
Car wash > water gun style.. should take about an hour or two to get the car soaking wet!

Joe preferred cleaning the windows… ONLY

And the war begins…
Javier has removed his CROCS.. jump for joy!

Shoot shoooooooooooot~ Joe looked for the easiest target!

Come here ‘mei-mei’

Javier watching from afar!

Joe got hit!!! Javier ‘snipering’ under the radar 

Pay back time!!! Javier’s motto, ‘I can shoot you, you cannot shoot me.’

Joe got cornered by Judith and Javier was crying at the corner cuz’ his gun ran out of water.. sobs~

Soakin’ CROCS

Soakin’ JOE.. he won the soak-iest title

Judith was only wet from the waist below…

Javier wasn’t that wet cuz’ he was hiding behind me most of the time

Water gun again tomorrow!!!

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