Another Lazy Saturday

We had another lazy Saturday yesterday… we woke up at 10 then headed off to Kumar for breakfast. 

Judith and Javier was in a happy mood..

The weather was freaking hot so as usual Jake will cool the car down…

After breakfast, we came home and laze around until 2pm when we decided to give Joe his present. It is for his coming 7th birthday and also for the good grades he achieved. Jake got him a Sony PSP which he had hoped for. For every of our child’s birthday, we try not to miss one out so, Javier and Judith gets gifts too.

Javier’s Nintendo DS has been spoilt for a very long time. Jake sent it to be fix and it came back like brand new because of its changed casing. He even thought it was new!!! 

However, we haven’t got Judith anything yet. I told her we would bring her out later and she gets to choose a toy of her choice! This was how she reacted when being told:

Joe checking out his PSP – currently his top prize possession

Javier in his own world – headphones and beyond!!!

It was Harry’s birthday yesterday. Harry spent us dinner last night. We had ‘steamboat’ again! LOL~ 

Elaine taking picture with Harry @ birthday boy

Javier wouldn’t wake up from his nap, so Jake had to make him smile for the camera…

Finally… a decent picture of Joe

Here comes “Latuk Lim”

I dubbed him for holding the record of the tallest hair stand ever in my blog!!!

Food Glorious Food > 4 persons portion

Elaine’s love of taking pictures has no boundaries!!!

‘Lai-Lai-Lai’….let’s cook them…. 

Aren’t they food-filling? Tom Yam soup + Congee

After we devoured our much anticipated food which was very ‘hou-hou chak’, the cake cutting ceremony began. My sister bought the coffee birthday cake for Harry.

Elaine threatens Harry with the cake knife… 

2 big candles + 7 little ones = 27

Harry wasn’t smiling so Jake had to do it forcefully.. :p

The only one with lighter, lights the candles!!!

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow the candles out!!!

One cherry represents one ball.. so 2 cherries 2 balls… Yay to Harry~

“Latuk Lim” eating cake… 

Even Javier loved the cake.. 

Before we went back, Jake wanted to see Harry’ pet snake. So, out it came and my sister was nowhere to be seen. She went inside into the shoplot to hide. 

Ain’t it beautiful?

Jake wasn’t afraid to hold the snake…

So was Joe….

Elaine came back to her seat after she got confirmation that the snake was back in its box… HAHA~ We left soon after that. Very full very satisfied. We’ll go back there again very soon.

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