A Lazy Saturday

The weather changes so fast sometimes. One minute it’s sunny then it’s cloudy then it’s rainy. What a fine rain it is… drizzling actually. The sound of drizzle is rather calming to the soul. Today feels like a lazy Saturday. I got up late at about 9.15am. The kids woke up earlier bout 7am after Jake. 

After bathing, we went breakfast at ‘Kumar’s Stall’. It ain’t a mamak stall. Mamaks are Indian-Muslim whereas this is Indian-Indian. Get what I mean?
This is Kumar at ‘Kumar’s Stall’

This is Kamera, he normally makes drinks and serve customers. He also does some cooking whenever Kumar is on break.

Golden Fried Chicken and Vegetables

Yummy Prawn Curry and Mutton Curry

Javier and Joe enjoying their crispy roti canai’s. Joe had two roti’s while Javier had one!

Judith also ate 2 roti’s while Jake had 2 roti telur’s + the kids’ leftover.. HAHA~

Our drinks!!! Plenty of ‘teh ais’ and MILO kaokao’

Oohh.. look my cat. Well, doesn’t belong to me but she comes for food when I’m around. The kids are always fascinated by her. She’ll sit at the bottom of our chairs and MEOW all the way. Here, she’s giving us some free show!

The birds are swimming in the rain!

Still pouring but only lightly~

After breakfast, we went home and the kids discovered something!! 

Joe was shouting, “Mouse head! Mouse head!
Then it was Judith’s turn to state her discovery, “Yea mouse head oh”.
Jake went and check it out and it was too good to be true, there was indeed a mouse head at my mom’s patio; lying on the carpet. A cat have been residing there. It comes and goes and sometimes it brings a friend along. My guess is that, it must have caught a mouse and brought it here and savored it. Typical!
I told Mom. Mom told Dad
Dad told mom, “You go clean it”.
Mom said to Dad, “No! You go clean it. Kang-hai-yao-ngai”(sure got ants)
So off Dad went downstairs to have a look at it. The kids guided him to where the head was. As usual my Dad was a little blur, asking the kids where it is. After some guidance, my Dad took a plastic bag and put the mouse head in it and showed it to the kids which led them running away screaming. My Mom told Dad not to bring it into the house but as usual, my Dad loves to irritate my Mom, therefore IN came that mouse head. It traveled through the living room all the way to the kitchen where my Dad took a rubber band and tied it tight and disposed the poor mouse head into the bin. Then, my Dad and me decided to look around the patio for the body but we couldn’t find any. 

The poor mouse head

The kids waiting for grandpa to come and save the mouse head!

The mousey head zoomed in! Can see its whiskers so long, it’s pointy mouth and eyes wide open!

Dad rejoicing over his proud catch! LOL~

Judith pointing out that Javier was scared. This part was where my Dad came in with the mouse head.

Check out Javier’s facial expression… ‘pin-chui’ dy

Judith giving a solo performance on how the mouse had its final moments~

Pity the mouse… I thought of preserving it actually. I’m actually a rat/mouse myself; in chinese horoscope of course! :(

After the much exciting mouse capturing, we headed into our room. As usual PS3 gaming session is ON. All 3 boys were busy locked on the screen. Judith prefer to look only at most times. She’s more of the lookout fella, looking at extra things in the game and hinting her brothers which is Left and which is Right. HAHA~

The boys… boys will always be boys!
The girl. Girl will always be the girl. Watch from afar but loving the way it is.

So, now you’ll know how our ‘Lazy Saturdays’ are. We spend time together no matter indoor nor outdoor. I think I wanna take a nap now. After all what are lazy days for?

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