~Room Sweet Room~

Well, the title says it all. Some people would like to correct that phrase to “Home Sweet Home” but for me and to our little family of 5 it’s “ROOM SWEET ROOM”.

Ever wonder what’s the size of our room? I meant ours as in Jake , ME, Joe, Judith and Javier @ 5-in-1. At first it was hard to accommodate so many of us in a room but we figured out a way and made it possible. It’s tiny but very comfy. Our room is special because it’s brings us together. It’s not just a bedroom for resting or sleeping purposes, it’s also an entertainment room. HAHA~
The 5 of us are stuck in a room.. it’s like the shape of the letter L. It makes us closer and I’m afraid that once the kids grow up and have their own rooms, I might not be able to recover from ‘not sharing a room with them!’. SOBS~
We love our room because it’s like a sanctuary to us. Whenever we are tired or feel a little restless, we’ll just go into our room. Our bed has always been so comfortable. Hotel beds aren’t as comfortable as ours. It’s like you feel at peace and there’s a warm sensation to it. (don’t think dirty okay?) A right bed is when you can sleep soundly and wake up feeling good. And a right room is where you look forward to; to spend inside each and every single minute of the day. Therefore, “ROOM SWEET ROOM”.
*it used to be the other way round (Joe@top bunk & Jud@bottom bunk) but they switched among themselves cuz’ the princess wants to be on top of the castle!
*it’s also a sofa-cum-tabletop for Jake. He sits on the sofa with his laptop on to play DOTA and plugs in the HDMI cable for other purposes too. Talking about all-in-one.
*PS3 serves a few functions : gaming / blu-rays / music / DLs’
*Barbie as The Island Princess belongs to Judith k, not Jake’s.
*all ORIGINAL okay? Dun puh-lay, puh-lay!!!
You must be wondering where does Javier sleeps; well, he shares the bed with Jake and ME. Whenever Joe’s not around, Javier usually occupies his bed.

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