Off We Go to MegaKidz

Today, we gave the little ones a day off from school.. and since Joe isn’t attending school either, we decided to bring the kids to MegaKidz at MidValley MegaMall. Jake wasn’t free to join us, so we tagged my dad and my mom instead. While my parents did their shopping, the kids and me went and play, drink, eat and play again. We were there for about 3 hours and I spent almost RM150 today in that particular 3 hours. Sobs~

But the kids had fun, and I had fun too.. wonder how much calories I burnt just now? Hmm~ Javier was reluctant to climb at first so I had to squeeze into the tiny space in and out and went up and up all the way to the gigantic spiral slide (the kids call it snake slide) and came down. Actually, I got stuck somewhere halfway down it. Don’t know whether it was my jeans that made the ride not smooth or something else. Judith and Javier went up too but were afraid to slide down. So in the end, I sat in the middle, Javier sat in front of me and Judith sat behind me holding on to my waist. Joe, as usual went and hid somewhere; screaming and shouting that he’s not going up there. LOL~ It was fun.. later on, Judith went up the snake slide a couple of times herself and was so damn proud of it that she wants me to inform Jake, grandma and grandpa.
I managed to capture moments with my dad’s camera.. Javier hogged the camera today, maybe because he was following me everywhere I go, so I only had him to snap pictures of.

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