It’s COOKIES now!


This time she made COOKIES
HAHA! My sister made Chocolate Chip COOKIES. It was quite delicious. She said it was flat like pancakes but I doubt it because, pancakes aren’t as flat as her COOKIES.. LOL~
Joe, Judith and Javier love her COOKIES too. Even Jake says it’s quite good. He ate my batch that I had to get myself more. Yesterday, I gave the kids 3 pieces of COOKIES each and they gulped them up. I told them to keep for later and wait for Yee-Ma to come home. 
Then, Yee-Ma came home and asked Javier how did her COOKIES tasted? He only replied he ate 3.. Then when we went upstairs, Yee-Ma noticed Judith was putting on a sad face. So, I asked her what’s going on. I asked whether did Joe bullied her? Or Javier bullied her? She shook her head left and right. So, I asked her if she wants some more of Yee-Ma COOKIES? And the funny thing is; she nodded while sobbing her heart out.
Both me and my sis were shocked. We giggled a little and went HUH? I went and told Jake and he said to my sis> “Wow! Your COOKIES can make people cry..” Well in the end, I gave her a COOKIE before she went to bed and she was very pleased indeed!

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