Heavenly Food at Dain-Ti Hill

This year, we had our very own ‘Mooncake Festival Celebration‘. Not that we hung ‘tanglungs’ around nor lit candles to brighten up the house, we just had dinner just the five of us.

We wanted to bring the kids for dinner at Carl’s Jr but the queue from the counter was almost till the entrance. We don’t wanna wait cuz we’re sure by the time we reach the middle of the line, the kids would have been restless; so will we. 
Then, we headed upstairs to the 6th Floor and thought of eating at ‘Wong Kok Char Chan Teng‘ but this restaurant caught Jake’s eyes, “Dain-Ti Hill“. This restaurant serves fusion food from chinese to japanese to korean to western, etc. The deco was very enchanting.. kinda like sexy and yet sophisticated. The receptionist told us that we have to have a reservation before entering but then since we’re a small family of 5, there was family seating right at the corner of the entrance. Well, what the heck.. since we’re here and this place is so packed, food must be therefore good!
The menu was very captivating; so colorful yet so mouth watering. We had to squeezed into our booth seats. Jake sat with Judith while Joe and Javier cramped up with me.
After our dinner, as usual the kids have their ice-cream treat. Ice-cream treats is a must on weekends so we went to Baskin Robbins. Later on, Jake and I thought of treating ourselves to some Turkish ice-cream (2 cones) but the kids grab ours and we had to buy another one. Double treats for them and less for us. SIGH~

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