Hair DYE

I DYEd my hair today, I DYEd my hair at home

DYEd the same color I had that ain’t a neutral tone
DYEd 666 that is of Loreal Excellence Cream
DYEd my hair with loving touch that need no further dream
DYEing starts from the roots and work my way to the ends
I twist and turn my hair with each bumpy bends
I love the given comb applicator for it eases my DYEing demand
I just squeeze and go through my hair without being reprimand
All I have to do is follow the step-by-step DYE procedure
It’s so easy you don’t even need to ponder
Once you get the hang of it, you’d definitely prefer
To DYE at the comfort of home to DYE without failure
Some would prefer to DYE at the saloon 
For saloons prep you with shampoo and cologne
But I prefer to DYE DYE DYE alone
All I need is my black rubbish bag and my glove balloon
Pre-DYE > can you see my DIY DYE apron @ rubbish bag?
During the DYE > I’ve got gooey on my head and blood on my hands
Post DYE > total of 3 rinses and a white towel turned pink
Newly DYEd Hair >  can you see the beautiful bold color? ME likey!

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