Elaine’s TIRAMISU Delizioso

My sis made TIRAMISU on Sunday for us.. she’s having cake therapy now.. haha! I was only joking. Something made her wanna make TIRAMISU somehow. Thou I don’t know anything bout it, her TIRAMISU taste damn good.. well from my POV. 

TIRAMISU is one of the most popular Italian desserts. It is made of savoiardi (lady fingers) dipped in coffee and mascarpone cream. The name Tiramisu is Italian and means “pull-me-up” (Tirami-su), a reference to the effects of the sugar and espresso, but can be translated figuratively as “cheer me up”.
-taken from wikipedia
Normally I don’t like eating TIRAMISU cuz’ a few times I had tasted TIRAMISU at cafes’, they’re usually very think and creamy. Well, since my sis made TIRAMISU, I’m just being a good sis eating whatever she cakes up. But true to it, it was delicious. Not too yucky, not too cheesy. It was just nice. Even Joe, Judith and Javier loved her TIRAMISU. Maybe she should make her TIRAMISU again. Wink!
Hmm.. I know making TIRAMISU ain’t cheap. My sis didn’t use normal ingredients, she used the best of the best. Even her ‘Savoiardi biscuits‘ are imported. She used my coffee by the way. She even doubled the ‘baileys’ from 3 tablespoons to 6 of them. Too drunk for comments.. HAHA~ I would have eaten more of her TIRAMISU if she had caked up more. Sigh! Guess I gotta wait when she has that urge again!

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