Congrats to SuYi & Soon Keat

Yesterday, I went to a friend’s Wedding Dinner at Crown Princess Hotel. It was officially the first wedding of a friend of mine which I attended. (Other weddings I attended were Jake’s colleague and relatives). The bride was a long time ago friend, way back to my primary school days. Her name is Su Yi. Thou we haven’t been seeing each other that often, I’m glad she invited me and Jake. It was like a mini gathering for all of us. Jake knew a few of them from before so it wasn’t that boring for him. Luckily he didn’t feel neglected. He drank a few ‘bottoms up’ too.

I took some pictures.. not that many to share. Perhaps we were all catching up with each other so much that I forgot to do so. Anyway, I didn’t bring Jake’s Nikon along, so taking pictures weren’t that breezy.
                      ME and the beautiful bride, SuYi @ Mrs. Tee
         Jake and ME~
          ME, PuiSan and Jenny
        ME, PuiSan(back), SuYi, LiVon, Jenny, ChuiJean and Ling-Wei
        Christopher CLV all red and definitely D-R-U-N-K
         The last dish of the night > rabbits and their carrots!

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