Cinema Paradiso

Have you ever noticed how people get to their seats the minute they enter the cinema hall?

Jake and I frequent the cinema quite often and we were quite amazed that most patrons that buy their tickets don’t really know exactly where their seats are. Some.. they just sit wherever that is empty. Then until someone comes along and claim their seats, then only they look for their right seats.
I’ve always wonder when they purchase their tickets, don’t they bother finding out where their seats are? Is it that hard to look and remember where it is? 

If one would, it should be easier for them to find their seats with just a blink of an eye. I guess most cinema patrons don’t bother where their seats are; as long they’re not at the front or at the side.
Whenever I buy my tickets, no matter through ‘e-ticketing’ or through ‘online booking’, I always make sure where my seats will be. It would avoid hassle and inappropriate stares later. I’d say, ‘plan ahead’. 

Just yesterday, Jake and I went to watch ‘Death Race’, these two men came in when the movie has already started, and they were spotting for their seats looking for B then D then back to B and then of course it was D… I don’t know how they manage to find them but then they were quite annoying as they were reciting the ABC. And then, there were people that walk back and forth of the walkway looking for their designated seats.
Well, there are many other unconventional cinema actions too; such as -
  • people behind you kicking your chair.. they do it in momentum too.. very musically talented
  • people talking loudly trying to explain to the other friend the movie situation – sometimes you’d just wanna shhhhush them and pretend you didn’t do it
  • people who takes out their shoes right after they find comfort in their seat.. oh dear smelly soles ruins the whole movie
  • people who put their feet straight upright using the chair in front as feet support
  • couples who does other things besides watching movie + snacking + cuddling – trust me, they should get a room instead but I guess the cinema room is the cheapest out there. There’s no need to advertise your PDA, you wanna kiss, you peck; don’t french, you wanna cuddle, you do it nicely with hands visible la, etc.

Come on la people, it isn’t that hard to show your courtesy. You pay for a ticket to watch a movie, not to suffocate other people, not to give free show, not to have a catch-up session and definitely not to get annoyed. Hello! it’s not that you booked the whole cinema for yourself. Let’s share… no matter the popcorn nor that pack of chips… after all we came to relax and enjoy a movie. 


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