B.I. or B.M.?

Joe had his final assessment last week. He got back his Mathematics and Science paper.. He scored 76% (B) for his Maths and 94% (A) for his Science.
I can’t help noticed a few pointers…
Should it be ‘sen’ or ‘cents’? Aren’t the syllabus in English now? Thou he didn’t state the ‘sen’ or ‘cents’ there, his answer is still right. I think he deserve at least half of the total marks! Actually, I did asked him why he didn’t include the cents; he said, “But how mommy? The box is so small, cannot fit in.”.. And I kinda’ agree with him!

The instructions aren’t clear. “K) Write the correct orcinal numbers.”
It should have been the word ‘ordinal’. Even if schools want to photocopy assessment papers, they should make sure the instructions and questions are clear and readable. Since when teachers became so lazy and irresponsible?

I don’t blame Joe for making these mistakes. In fact, I blamed the question maker, the checker and the person who is responsible enough to approved it. How could a 7 year old knows the value of this question? They should have include the words, ‘first, second, third, fourth and fifth’.

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