52 and Still DOING IT~

Okay… the other day, we were doing the art of mastering the skipping rope. Today, I showed the kids again my ability.. ngek~ngek~ngek. Guess who joined in? My MOM!!! 

I tell you.. she can do it! I even managed to capture all in action using my mobile phone. Wink~
PUR-LEESE don’t tell mom. She’ll fret. After grandma knew her picture was submitted into the net, she bugged me.. asking if she looked okay in the picture. I told her yeap she looked fine but it wasn’t very clear either. LOL~
Well, since mom can do it.. I thought I’d ask dad to demonstrate too! He came down and look around and gave me his excuse, Cannot, afterwards stomach ache!”while patting his tummy and retreating upstairs.

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