"Wall-E" for the Weekend

At last we went and catch the much anticipated movie, “Wall-E”!!! The kids were so excited counting down the days to it’s debut especially Joe which annoyed me throughout last week. This is what he said prior till today:

Wall-E is showing in cinemas on the 14th of August, but we’ll only go watch it on the 16th of August which is a Saturday”.
Mind you, he repeated the same phrase almost a whole week without failing to remind Judith and Javier too. Well, I guess he was reminding me to remind Jake. Oh I count down too.. I do put the booking schedule reminder on my ‘to-do’ list in my mobile. It beeps occasionally to boost my memory system.
As usual, we would call Nancy (she’s Jake’s younger sis) along for movies. Cecilia rarely join us for movies anymore. She’s been really busy since winning the title of “Malaysia’s Favorite Dancer” in So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia Season 2. I think the last time she joined us for a movie was way back then when she was still a teenager.. haha!
Anyways, I booked online thru’ e-payment. That’s the only way to secure the seats. I normally do that if we have plan to bring the kids for a movie. That way, we don’t have to queue with the kids in tow and we don’t want to risk of not getting any tickets at the line which will be quite disappointing to the kids. When you disappoint someone you love, you kinda disappoint yourself too. It’s normally contagious.
Before we went for our movie, we walked around Pavilion. We went up the escalator as we were thinking of popping by Times Bookstore when something caught our eyes.
His pants are SO SO WRONG~
I mean someone who is middle-age dressing up like he’s going for a ball game.. orange belt and spotty bermudas?? Boing~

So we got the tickets and went to the concessions to get snacks and drinks. I spent about RM28 on it.. I had already had a minor meeting with the kids 2 days before, asking them who they wanna sit with and their cinema menu too. These was the arrangements:
Joe with Jake
Judith with Nancy
Javier with ME
*Joe had to switch seats with Judith cuz I had forgotten and bought a large Popcorn for Nancy to share with Joe without thinking that they weren’t actually sitting together.
Judith : Smarties + 100plus (but there were no Smarties so she ended up with Cheezels + there weren’t any 100plus either so she got a cold MILO without ice instead)
Joe & Javier : Popcorn + Sprite
During the movie, Javier was being a very good boy. He didn’t make much of a fuss and didn’t want to visit the loo but he did walked up and down the stairs to get to Jake. Judith slept halfway through. She has a habit of doing that, maybe it’s really comfortable for her ; the temperature and environment. She seems to doze off just like that even though the movie is good.
The movie “Wall-E” is really an interesting movie. It’s about life, live and friendship. It’s like telling you, there can be and easy life out there but there will be consequences too. You gotta earn it to live in it. And also there are no friendship barriers between humans and bots as both need to rely on each other just like our races and the different religions we share in our country. 
After the movie, we went to have some munch at ‘Wong Kok Char Chan Teng’. The deco of this restaurant is much more elegant than the ones at other malls. I didn’t notice the restaurant at first until I saw the signboard. I had to double check twice before being assertive. So, we went in and got a table by the window. It drizzled a little and stopped. 
I ordered spicy udon…

Jake ordered noodles with sliced meat > SORRY dear, I didn’t take any pictures of your food!!! Hehe.. but I took a candid picture of you!!!
Nancy ordered spicy tomyam-ish noodles…

We had HK milk tea which was so milky and sweet… and look how cute they are surrounded by ice chunkies…

Then Nancy, Jake and ME took our mobile out and started snapping away. Visible to the other annoyed patrons of what we were doing, we didn’t mind nor care. We were enjoying our weekend just like the way we like it. Then, it started to rain all over again.
Storm ALERT!!!

Mobiles ALERT!!!


Jake and Javier
Nancy and ME

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