SYTYCD Season 2 Finale

Friday the 1st of August was the finale of So You Think You Can Dance Season 2. It was down to the Top 4 > Black, Cecilia, Hong and Sim.. The place was packed.. the crowd was wild.. there were some ups and downs…

UPS : Fans, supporters, friends and families of CC’s all came to support her…

DOWNS : Other supporters were being a “pain in the butt”…

*oh but we didn’t care.. we came to support CC and not to brag about them.. which they did over and over again.. even after the results were out and the day after and I bet the days to come. *anyone wants to sponsor toothbrushes to clean their mouths? anyone, please?
*bad bad people… in competitions there are bound to be winners and losers.. if you can’t accept this simple rule, then don’t even compete… you’re just failing yourself..
->like the saying goes, ‘Don’t cry over spilled milk”

Anyway, I was the photographer for the finale. I didn’t get much nice shots of the performances cuz the crowd was extremely all over the place and I was blocked by people at the front.


Tying the banner to the BUS

OOOO… my handmade CCs’ are still alive!!! They’re 4 weeks old dy.. R.I.P.

MIL prepping herself with protein first before it begins… HAHA~



All waiting to go up!

ME and my sis, Elaine

Hubby curi snapping pictures of me???

French fries galore!!!

They’re either showing the ‘peace’ sign or asking people to “Vote 2″ or asking for 2 more jugs of beer. No idea what’s the guy on the left is doing… shooting birds?

Adam searching for Miss Right

Aishah doing sound check


The stage lighting up!!

Billy stunted after he saw the amount of CC’s fans!!

TOP 20 (except for the TOP 4) gave a great performance but they weren’t synchronized though!
They were everywhere; all over the place

-Zainal Abidin-

Woo-hoo~ CC got a purple butt

CC thinks that the chair was very comfy but Sim thinks that it gave her a backache!!!
Sim always so fussy la…

MATRIX live in Ruums… I think Hong did a better job than Black.
Hong has more of the UMPH factor.. Black has got Sim on his mind I guess~

Black : Die lo… what will Sim think of me now?
Cecilia : Black, don’t hold me too tight.. Sim said she’ll poke me with her pair of scissors..

Cecilia : My thighs are skinnier and much more in shape than yours!
Sim : Aiks.. should have cut my pants’ slit higher…

Sim confronting Black bout his dance with CC in the ‘No Air’ routine.
Sim : You like dancing with her is it? Don’t give me ur puppy look face.
Black : No.. no.. seriously I assure you, nothing happened!

Hong’s solo performance was really good!
It looks like as if he ate the flower and left the stem…

CC doing her solo while entertaining the crowd while enjoying herself while showing her strength.
Where can you get the all-in-one package then???

CC giving her assertive speech that WINNING isn’t her main priority.
It is the experience and the knowledge that counts.

THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT………and the winner of Malaysia’s So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 is….. “CC”
CC being surrounded by well-wishers

All the faces of JOY~

Even Jake couldn’t hide his JOY!!

The DAD!
The proud DAD!
Some say, at that very moment.. he was one of the happiest man on earth!!!

FIL went and shake hands with the judges!!

Most of CC’s fans went on stage to congratulate her!

FIL being congratulated by friends and family..

Stage was flooded with humans!

The beaming sister-in-laws!
CC and ME beaming each other… HAHA~


ME and Yannus

Jassy and Elaine
-beating the heat!!!

Hubby and his friends

ME with Jake’s friends

Jake, Adrian and Jack

CC and Elaine

Bottoms UP~

Hmm.. the uncle on the right was drunk..
He was dirty dancing with my sis and me.. EWwww..


Strong men parade.. anyone interested???

Sean also came with a lady friend

David and ME

Nancy with her friends

ME and MIL’s friends

Elaine and Najib

Wayne and ME

Wayne and Jake

Kurnizan, FIL and Wayne

Group picture!!!

This guy actually asked for my number.. can you believe it???

Yeah.. I know uncle.. I know how big 2 jugs are.

They’re competing to see who’s more man!

Tomorrow got work.. we cannot get drunk!!!

Driver Yan and ME

Oh My… Jake’s hands are so long.. so scary!!!

FIL ‘hipping it’ with a friend

FIL and a friend of 30 years… WOW~

Francis and Jake….getting cosy

Jake and his winner sis, CC

Hubby Jake and ME

Jacklin and Rio

Nancy and Elaine

Onal and Lidya

Below are pictures that shows you how to confirm if a person is drunk…

#When one starts to strangle you for no reason

#When one thinks that he is a pwetty girl

#When one is deep asleep inside a club

#When one dances with an imaginary friend

And when you’re drunk, this is what you don’t know…

Massages would be given forcefully

Everyone will want to take pictures with you

LOVE was in the air~ This week we have kissing contest!!!

Jake and ME

Mr Paul and wife

Jassy and U-jin

Weiwei and Collin

and…. the…. winner…. is…. is…. is….. A TIE between…

Jack with his wife and Jake with Lim

HAHA~… the original picture of Jake with Lim is below…
Elaine, Adrian, Jake and Lim…

So.. tell me which couple is the winner???


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