Forgive & Forget

This morning, I received another interesting e-mail from the same person, ‘The Very Anonymous’!!! Below is what he/she wrote to me:


i m so sorry to being ill manner n so rude.
i apologize deeply to u.
i hope that you are kind enough to forgive my rude words.
i hope that you will live happilly forever after with your beloved family.

i hope that you are find in everything.

sorry for the hard words.

I was just stating facts.. never put it into heart in the first place…
That is why I made your comments into a post to reassure you and all those that have second thoughts on how my life is, how is it going to be and how to live it..
To tell you the truth, it’s not easy..
Whether I’m money face or not, at least I don’t go around calling people names.. I have dignity.
You get what I mean?
But it hurts when you bring innocent kids into the matter..
You have stated your point and I have clearly stated mine..

After all the bad things you have said bout me, I’m sure there’s a soft spot inside of you..

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