I made it sound like a horror movie, didn’t I?
Well, first of all it isn’t. No spirits and ghosts at all but just a little creepy where the journey to the gathering was held. Location was at the famous ‘Langat Point’, situated in between the border of Hulu Langat and Ampang hilly road. This is actually my first gathering since the last gathering I went to; which was bout’ 5 years ago. Melissa actually contacted me through the internet and invited me which I deeply appreciated.


Hubby babysit the kids while I went for the gathering. I followed Jessica and Yu Hon to the place first cuz’ we’ve got to be there early to secure the booking. The cafe we patronized was ‘Gasoline‘. It didn’t rained nor it was hot. Just a little windy towards the night. I ordered apple+orange+carrot juice.. Hong Yu said that I was greedy that’s why I ordered all-in-one. Haha it was funny to recall what he said. Both Jessica and Melissa kept me company. TQ!!! It was really nice of them to make me feel warmth and being wanted. I haven’t had friendly friendship talk in a long time.

Oops~ Someone caught me busy SMS-ing hubby!!

Melissa is on my left

ME and Eugene

Eugene was there to refresh some memories. Foo Hau and Ley Liang did entertained me a bit with their boyish jokes!! Then… there were the waiters who don’t really speak fluent English. They made us laugh closed to tears..

Black Pepper Chicken Chop -> Bear Bebber Chike Chop
Blueberry Soda -> Boo-bebbi doda
Mineral Water -> Me-nene wa-de
*there were a few more but I can’t remember them now

My SKTS friends.. some of them recognize me, some of them don’t.. maybe I’ve been in isolation for awhile but it’s nice to see them back again. I remember some of their names and faces but can’t really recall much of them. I did hear one of the gals saying that I looked bored. And that it’s a bit hard to chat with me as we’re in different steps of life. Maybe our discussion topics aren’t similar. Well, I heard that but I don’t keep it in my heart. I was glad to see them again even though only a few chatted up with me but a few is enough I guess since this is the first gathering since so long ago. Breaking the ice isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ll try to keep up and start my socializing skills again.. HAHA~

Fr L to R : ME, Jessica, Melissa, Madeleine, Amy and Karen

All in a picture!!!

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