Sinma – Makes Me Wonder

Today I went to the Jaya Jusco near my place…

I went to to look at some hair stuff and beauty tapes..

While I was browsing through the rows of make ups… can’t help noticing the two promoters were setting up their own beauty parlor.

One of them was clipping her nails while the other was plucking her eyebrows..
I thought it was alright since it’s still quite early and not much shoppers are here yet.
After for some time, after I’ve chosen my stuff, I walked towards the cashier to pay my things.

Guess what???
I saw one of the promoters putting back the utensil she was using just now onto the shelves..
I was so shocked.. how can she do that?
I wonder are most of the stuff in are used by them and sold to us second hand? So unhygienic!! Imagine nail clippers.. ew~
What about ear rings, hair clips, make ups, etc??? Double ew~

So, I guess next time if I wanna buy something, I’ll make sure that it’s sealed tight in its original packaging.. not those manually sealer bags.
To be safe, better alcohol swab your new stuff before using them.
We could come in contact with germs from strangers.
No wonder sometimes, we get rashes from nowhere…


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