RUUMS Night 2… Season 2…

Hey ya.. last night I went to RUUMS KL for So You Think You Can Dance, Season 2, Top 8; and it was hot damn hot.. Hot as in the atmosphere not the heat kinda hot. It wasn’t hot as last week thou plus there was water dripping on me throughout the show. Darn~ shouldn’t have sat under the air cond piping line.

Well, this time I had the camera battery charged at full state so we, a.k.a Hubby and me had taken lots of pictures to share. There are quite a number.. so I’ll break it down nicely.

Before 9pm @ The Fans/The Crowd

The stage that looked so big on TV but small in reality!!!

Fans of Cecilia @ CC all going crazy before the event even started!

What?? I was shooting him.. he was shooting me.. we’re even!!

Yup!!! That’s ME with my 2 handmade Cs’

Even they wanna get some limelight!!

The briefing/The pre-recorded opening performance – bet you didn’t know that the opening act and their dance of survival are pre-recorded prior to the event!

This was the opening act!!! CC is the one at the back with the red cloth.

Aishah wants to dance too!! GO Aishah! GO Aishah!

We call him the ‘Advertisement Guy’ cuz’ he only appears during the TV advertisement slot .. well if you are watching SYTYCD from the comfort of your home, you have to watch ads on your TV screen but inside RUUMS, we have him to entertain us with goody bags, etc.

CC and Hong’s first performance > CORPSE DANCE

Mannequin corpse bride and groom

CC is doing some ironing…using her fingertips only!!!

They started off walking together…

Then… WHAM!!!

Then CC showed us her powerful middle finger… LOL~ Joking only.. she’s actually strutting corpse style!

They danced and performed some magic.. how cool is that?

CC tried to suck up her audience power

Which she eventually did!!!

But, realize it was more than enough for her to handle!

CC and Hong’s 2nd performance

Dad, CC is on the phone again!! This time on stage on national TV!

Get a room!! Hey look at the back.. Ramli seems to be enjoying it.. he’s in da’ moment too…

CC’s reaction towards the judges’ comments

Shots of other competitors!!!

Jojo and Sly doing the Paso Doble’… not fiery enough I think

Farah kena ‘kiap’ by Ray’s chopstick!!

Phewwitt… Sim was sizzling too but not as sizzling as CC can be.. but their off-screen romance did help with the performance!!!

Black looks lost in red!!

Dance for SURVIVAL for bottom 4 and the new Top 3 Couples @ Top 6

Jojo thought she could fly.. she forgot to open her wings~

Ray… fish net stocking/armsocks doesn’t really go well with the genre ‘silat’

Farah did the side stepping dance..

Black forgot he had to dance for survival.. in the end, he just talked his way through.. j/k

CC and Sly rejoicing for not being in the bottom 4 this time

The new Top 6 starting from left clockwise : Jojo, CC, Sim, Black, Hong and Sly.

While they danced…
We partied in the corner.. FIL ordered a total of 80 jugs of beer, tens of baskets of french fries and a couple baskets of chicken wings!!!

Yum Yum la…

See FIL is getting red~

Yes!! Free flow of beer and snacks~

Peace for camera… WAR later.. hehe

The waiter of our table is calculating his commission…

Me and my FIL

The Aftermath

CC, her dad (my FIL), her mom (my MIL)

During the competition, Sly gained a father…

And… also a mother…

Then… a family in KL… so ‘sly’ lah. CC don’t look too happy bout it.. She even asked Sly jokingly, “Oi, you anak siapa ah?”

ME and gosh.. I don’t know his name… ‘sorry ya, kita terlupa pa nama ngana.. nanti bila sudah tahu baru kita ubah ya!!!’ keke~

Nancy & ME.. sobs she make me look so tiny!!!

ME and beloved CC… from school mates to sister-in laws

And then, there’s Adam (on the L) where lotsa girls are crazy of, which I don’t neccesarily agree.. MIL dared him to down a cup of beer before he could leave… very sporting ya, Adam!!!
Then Adam gave a big peck on MIL’s cheek… woo-hoo.. no need to wash face dy..

There was the Bacardi girls too which you can’t really spot cuz’ she’s hidden in between the gents. Looks like she got mugged by one of them… see where the hand goes??? Bad bad boy.. wait I tell BOSS!

Then, everyone wants to take pictures with the Bacardi girls.. cramped up!!!

They partied…

Had Bacardi shots….

Shots after shots…

Guess the total amount of bill??? RM5K… gone in 2 hours..

Clearly FIL didn’t had enough. After we left, I heard he went on stage and showed off some moves.. breakdancing?? You must be kidding me~

The night is young and they partied some more,
I’m still young but I ain’t a party whore,
We left early cuz’ we’re in the midst to bore,
Why not go home to our bed sweet bed and snore…

Next week to come I’m sure it’ll be fiery,
Top 3 couples dance their way to envy,
More will go and more will get teary,
But afraid no more cuz’ it’s only the beginning of their journey.


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