Last night was REAL HOT~ The Atmosphere, The Surroundings, The Crowd & The Performances.

FIL booked half of RUUMS KL to accommodate Cecilia‘s fans, friends and families. So many people came that space was limited. Even cups, tables and chairs were not enough to accommodate more than 250 people. The crowd roared as soon as it started and thundering slams were heard when CC appeared. Her first couple dance was Samba and I can tell you, it was ‘SO HOT’ that Judimar had to re-remind everyone that, “It’s no wonder, we gave you the term ‘Sizzling Cecilia‘!”.


Cc‘s second performance was a solo. She did her usual Latin routine which is her main genre’. Applauds were heard at every corner. Can’t deny that CC‘s fans were aplenty. You can hear cheers from the back to the front and from the side as well. They were everywhere.

Too bad another 2 dancers had to leave the competition. They were JOJO and SLY. Since it’s down to solo perfomances, I can’t help but wonder why can’t they pick 2 dancers with the lowest votes, instead of the usual a boy and a girl.

This week, I had invited a few of my friends along. Can’t say a few thou’. There were about 13-15 of them. Even my sis dragged her friends along too! Free flow of beer and chicken wings. All you need to do is to shout and scream for CC. Not that ironic right? Hmm~

Oo.. we all had fun. drank lotsa beer, chat up lotsa people, took lotsa picture and even stink with lotsa cigarette odor. My sis was a little tipsy thou’. Wahaha~ Salute, Sis!

Next week would be the SYTYCD Season 2 Finale. It’ll be on the 1st of August, a Friday night, which I’m sure the crowd will be even wilder. I’ve already started planning my moves on what to do, what to expect and how to get rid of unwanted parasites. Kidding only…

Jake and I took plenty of pictures this time but I won’t be able to upload all of them. I’ll only upload a number of them which is from my point of view, known to be ‘interesting’ and ‘important’. Anyway, sis was whoring the camera last night (about 59pics).. but she loves the camera and I’m camera-shy and I was snapping away too, so it explains why I’m not in most of them…

Soooo.. brace yourself for the pictures.. the people and the amount of jugs of beer you can see!!!


The crowd on the left

The crowd on the right

Aishah wanted to compete with CC for the ‘SIZZLING’ title

Shake your Bon Bon

They were so good that they GLOWED

CC wanna lead but Hong insists

Hot~ Hot~ Hot~


From left clockwise : Sim, CC, Hong and Black


Alice and CCM

Mr Willian Lor and Jake

Collin and Wei-Wei

Elaine and Yannus

CC and Elaine

U-jin and Jassy

Tante’ Joyce and ME

FIL and Raymond

Jake and Elaine

ME and sis, Elaine

SK and Jake

Elaine and FIL

Hubby getting cozy with sis.. LOL~

Jassy and Jake

ME and the ever lovely Jassy


ME and FIL

ME and Jake

CC and her precious nanny, Embak

Jack…keeping all the alcohol to himself.. then tried to steal more!

One humpty-dumpty & Two humpty-dumptys’

Auntie in La-La Land

He’s actually saying.. ‘Good.. free flow all night!’


Look likes there is a ‘tukang korek hidung’

ME and my friends~

Nancy and her fellow friends

We call this the “CC Boleh-land”

MY Friends, ME and CC.. we’re all from SKTS!

ME, Elaine, LeeNah, Jassy and Joyce

When you’re drunk and high, YES, you can fly!!

Superheroes character on the loose!!
From left: The Hulk, Peter Parker @ Spidey and Wonder Woman

Nancy, SK and ME

Jassy, ME, Elaine and LeeNah

Nearly later in the night….

lurking the bar, convincing people to drink and celebrate… then, not long after that…another competition has begun;


FIL showed everyone after tens of cups of beer and chivas, 20 times of ups and downs is a mere ‘ahhh-choo’

But he couldn’t get up… rescued by Driver Yan

This is contestant NO.2

FIL did some counter attacks on NO.2… he’s down, he’s down!!
See Mr Tee in red? He’s doing the 1,2,3

After the event, I realize this….pinkies on both sides are half gone… SOBS~

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