I’ll Snap When I Like~

It’s kinda weird when a shopping centre put up ‘NO PHOTOGRAPHY’ signs..
I think shopping malls are one of the most photographed places.
I love taking pictures of my kids when they run around in malls.. even though if it’s just snapping away with my mobile.. HAHA~
They do come in handy.
The signs stated ‘NO PHOTOGRAPHY’.. so is Videography permitted then??
Well, maybe it’s only this shopping centre that doesn’t allow photography. The sign was placed at the car park.. at the door where it leads to the shopping arcade. So I wonder does it mean no photography at the car park or the stairs or the overall?

If a ‘NO PHOTOGRAPHY’ sign is put up outside of a shop/boutique, I would understand.. It’s obviously not allowed..
But behind closed doors, while you’re in the fitting rooms, no one knows but you.. HEHE~


I wonder have the management ever thought before putting up such signs.
This shopping centre has very nice deco throughout the years..
In fact one of the best.. always looking forward to see its deco during the festive season.
So they shouldn’t be shy about it..

Photography is a way to promote something..
Tourist could take pictures and bring them back and show their friends and that could do our country’s tourism some good.
Well, I don’t really care either… If I like what I see, I’ll just snap~

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