When A Movie Reflects on Reality


What a movie!
So romantic yet captivating..

Patrick Dempsey took his role as Thomas@Tom well..

>Wonder why Patrick Dempsey is keen on taking roles as the guy with the extra ego and pride then turn into a hero and gentleman after all.. His role in Made of Honor is similar to the one he played as Robert in Enchanted. But he’s a good looking man and a very poise one I can say.

So did Michelle Monaghan as Hannah..

>Michelle Monaghan is wonderful. I love her. She’s so simple yet she looks good.. very au-natural. She was last seen in The Heartbreak Kid, Gone Baby Gone and MI3. She used to be a fashion model before blossoming into an actress.

The movie begins and ends beautifully. I had tears in my eyes..I tried so hard to keep them in my socket not letting them flow out.. If not, I would have bloodshot eyes and I’d gain attention.
I’m a very sensitive kind of person..watching movies and reading newspaper articles on sad stuff makes me cry… too emotional; some say.

It’s a perfect rendition of a real-life situation..
Best friends falling in love, went through rough times.. patch things up and live happily ever after.. I don’t know about reality cuz I’ve encountered the opposite ending..
Not that I fell in love with my best friend.. but I think a best friend should remain a friend..unless you fall head over heels for him/her. They’re not going to wait for you to come and tell you how they feel.. As the saying goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race’ but i doubt this phrase qualifies in this kinda situation. You wouldn’t want to regret later in life for not making that extra move..

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between ‘love in a friendship’ and
‘love in a relationship’. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to know one feels.
One would worry if you express yourself to your best friend and at the same time, they don’t feel the same about you.. what if they runs away and never comes back into your life.. pretty scary, then you’ll go like F#@$%^

In Made of Honor, it’s obvious that your life partner should :

  • make you feel happy and at ease all the time
  • know what you have in mind
  • know what you’re going to say next
  • know what are your cravings
  • love you the way you are eventhou you’re not perfect

The times are different nowadays..People used to say women seek on the 5Cs’… But today, there are new 5Cs’ in town.
It used to be :
Now it’s :
So, to tell or not to tell? To express or not to?
I guess it’s up to you.. at least you have tried.. trying is better than not trying..
You’ll either lose your best friend or gain a best friend and a life partner at the same time.
After all love goes around.. it doesn’t just stop right there.

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