Loving-It Being Preggers and Being Post Preggers

I love being pregnant.. Pregnant ROCKS~
Yes, it actually rocks – at least for me..
Jessica Alba hates it.. but I love it…

See, when I’m pregnant a.k.a. preggers, I get to eat and indulge in food.. not that I don’t get to do it now. Kinda like a guilty pleasure for me. But it’s the thought of sharing what I eat with the little one inside me..


Hmm.. the thing is.. when I’m preggers. I like my body.. the curves and the boobs.. Yes the boobs does expand so does the butt> but becareful of the butt expandations.. it could cost you many butt accidents.. eg. ripped pants and knocking stuff off shelves. Oh and the glow is very true.. it ain’t a myth as one would say. My cheeks appeared pinkish and my complexion was pearly. Anyway it’s very pretty wearing maternity clothes.. I love my maternity jeans. They’re super comfortable and very chiq i can say. They don’t come cheap either.

(PS. I still have them > check them out!!!)

Then people would ooh and aah with you. And you get extra benefits like going thru’ express lanes.. need not to queue > WOO-HOO~ Plus I get privilege seats at public places, get to use the disabled loo, and furthermore, I get to take my time walking slowly. Erm.. FYI I walk with posture when I was preggers.. not penguin-like which I watched most preggars did.. Left>Right>Left>Right…They didn’t stand up straight. Just follow the comfort of their body. Ah.. very bad for preggar’s body.


Then, there’s the post preggers body.. Sorry honey, the little one has taken all your
good stuff and put to good use. Gone are the smooth and silky skin.. gone are the shiny tresses.. gone are the fluid inside of you.. you feel like you’ve been drained dry.
But don’t worry the boobs and butt stays..YEAH~
Just that it’s a little flabbier and heavier in size. Boobs are sore cuz the milk glands are full.. feels like they can’t wait to burst. That’s when the breast-feeding come and save you. The skin becomes elastic and the stretch marks becomes more visible cuz at last you’ll get to see the other end of your stretched tummy. HAHA~

Don’t mean to scare any of you but that’s that way it is..

Then you’d wish you had gotten that special exclusive cream for your stretch marks. I did use.. but not those RM500 a tube kind.. I think I bought a few… Cocoa Palmer Butter, Colonial Dames Vitamin E Oil and etc.

Not a very pleasant sight for the first few weeks.. then it starts to hurt when the uterus contracts to it’s normal size which is BTW very good indeed. Breast-feeding does wonders.. it helps to minimize the size of your tummy, reduce the gas and also decreases your chances of getting pregnant..

It doesn’t mean ’100% safe sex’. Nowadays nothing is safe anymore.

Well, after getting the first sight of your little one, the pain, the ugliness and the moodiness gradually disengages from you and happiness takes over. By the time you’ve gone home and fuss about ‘the little one’ and a month has passed then you’ll notice yourself again. Your body would have gone back to its original state.. or maybe a few pounds heavier. I tell you, I looked horrible for the first month.

Sorta’ like a mad cow.. LOL~

After the ins, outs, ups and downs of getting pregnant, being pregnant and post pregnant, experienced mothers love to brag about their EXPERIENCE to those inexperience ones..

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