I so need a COW right now!

Yes a COW; as in the animal that goes mooo…
These days the prices of everything are going UP UP UP
Fuel, rice, food, diapers and the most heart breaking news> Formula Milk
Yeap, my kids need the milk… well only for Judith and Javier anyway…
I buy Enfagrow and Enfakid every month…and they cost a BOMB~
I don’t wanna change the brand.. cuz they’ve been drinking it since they were 2 days old..
If I changed them, they’ll know…
You think they won’t noticed? Haha! They will I can guarantee you.. cuz I’ve tried it.

The ‘hierarchy’ of per box of milk of 700g of Enfagrow/Enfakid

  • RM21.50
  • RM23.50
  • RM25.70
  • RM27.90
  • RM31.50 (the freaking latest price)

And you know what? It’s 650g now…. They hike up the price and reduce the volume?
Double blow!
POW~ I wanna cry dy… I was shocked for nearly and hour long!

Maybe I ought to add more water when preparing the milk.. or put less milk powder…
Ngek Ngek!
What a bad mother am I?

Behold The Formula Milk

They’ve added this and that.. it’s stated at the box.. but how real is it right?
We’ll never know.. does the adding of those extra stuff really makes a child smarter?
They add more and they charge more.. what if some parents don’t want so many of those ABCs’?
And have you tasted Formula Milk before? The Formula Milk of older kids age around 4 are actually sweet.. sweeter than chocolate milk..

I know I shouldn’t complain.. most parents wants the best for their child.. but some things are just unpredictable… can’t help it.. guess should have stucked to breast-feeding then..
Healthier and full of vitamins.


That’s why I need a COW… to put at my backyard.. so I can milked it and have fresh milk at any time of the day.
Just add some sugar then.. TADA!
Haha it’s only a joke… it isn’t the same… won’t be the same…

I guess I’ll just wait for my kids to outgrow the milk age… then I’ll switch to
fresh/chocolate milk instead..

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