Hunching to School~

I realize nowadays a child’s school bag is very heavy..
I can’t imagine little ones carrying such a burden to school everyday.
I’ve weighed Joe’s school bag today.. it’s approximately 10kg..
and he’s only in Year One..
He weighs at 20kg.. he’s already carrying half of his body weight..
And I think he’s starting to hunch and I’m worry about that.

10kg for an adult is okay.. walking up the flight of stairs with 10kg on your back is also quite challenging already.

It’s not because they bring all their books to school..
But given the timetable, they have at least 4-5 subjects a day…
Each subject have a minimum of 2 books.. a textbook and a workbook..
So (4 x 2 = 8 books); sometimes 10 books.. and I haven’t even add the exercise books yet!
*What about the water bottle, lunch box, pencil case, color pencils, etc?

I don’t think the school bag can hold the books for long..
It’s quite heart-wrenching to see them walk up the stairs with their heavy backpacks behind them as the weight are pulling them down. They could fall anytime with just a slight push.
Quite a number of parents do carry the backpacks up to their child’s classroom to avoid such incident. A lot of parents did complain but the school ain’t doing nothing bout’ it which is SAD~
When I pick my son after school, I see little kids carrying their bags which are way bigger than themselves. It’s even scarier to see them wobbling down the stairs from the 3rd floor.
Some do fall and slide a few steps down..
Even those who have bags with wheels are struggling to bring their bags down the stairs.. They just drag their bag and you can hear the sound, ‘duk duk duk duk’ from afar. Wheels or no wheels they still prefer to drag it up and down.

-Sometimes I do worry that accidents might happen.. and if it does it’ll be called “The ChildBag Landslide”

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