X-BOX Goes to School

Check this out!!
GAMING goes educational…in form of books now~
I got this revision book for my girl, just for the school holidays to keep her busy..
Well at least to keep her mind in power mode..
Then she came up to me.. shove the book at my face and asked…

“Mummy, is this X-BOX?”
I looked at it.. and told her, “It is!”

Wow it really caught my eye.. might catch yours too.. really interesting that they’re incorporating gaming consoles as part of the fill-in-the-blanks questions. But the book is for 4-6 year olds..>MY-MY

Will it come up in assestment/tests too? I better make my kids memorize the different consoles there are in the market from today onwards.. Have to teach them to differentiate between a normal CPU and a MAC!!

The thing is the drawing really represents an X-BOX.. so clear..
But you can’t blame a kid naming it A-BOX or T-BOX or Z-BOX… can you?
How would those kids who haven’t meet the X-BOX yet know?
They wouldn’t know the difference…
It could be a B-BOX @ Boom Box… for them.. haha

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