The Truth About JUDITH~

  1. Judith Ann Yong Qi was born a week prematurely on the 16th of May 2003 at Pantai Cheras Medical Centre.
  2. Judith weighed in 3.15kg and looked like a Korean baby after birth.. with rosie cheeks and head full of jet black hair.
  3. Judith was an easy sleeper during baby days.. I think baby girls are easier to handle comparing to baby boys.
  4. Judith is a self-proclaimed ‘princess in the family’… she’s 5 now.. only wears clothing with the age 5 written on the labels. Any other age group she’ll put it aside.. Likes pink and purple. She’s a ‘cam-whore‘…
  5. Judith loves to read.. she reads everyday comparing to big bro Joe. She would rather spend time with her books than jamming the buttons of the game controller. So, her vocabulary is wider than Joe’s…
  6. Judith will only play games with princess characters in them.. or anything girly..or mumsy..
  7. Judith is talkative and she speaks with slang at times > I dunno where it came from.
  8. Judith can’t wait to go to Year One; thou’ she named it Big School.
  9. Judith’s favorite food are ONIONS… yes I mean it.. her favorite dish is ‘fried onion and egg’.
  10. Judith’s skin complexion is a bit darker comparing to the boys.. we have no idea but I craved for ice cubes during pregnancy.


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