The Truth About JAVIER~

  1. Javier Andre Yong Zhing was born a week prematurely on the 23rd of March 2005 at Pantai Cheras Medical Centre.
  2. Javier weighed in 3.2kg and a look like a monkey… haha
  3. Javier is so so cute… like chicken little.. he loves sweets.. now he’s on sweets curfew.
  4. Javier blabs a lot during baby days and his saliva flow was the heaviest.. baby bips were needed badly.
  5. Javier is choosy and yet he’s easy to pleased.. but he must have what he wants; if not the music war will start.
  6. Javier is good in reading too.. he loves to browse through daddy’s gaming magazines..
  7. Javier concurs that the lightning in the sky are actually electricy which most of it is true. See? Smart > only 3 years old!!
  8. Javier loves to go to hotels.. every now and then he would remind his dad that it’s time to go and visit a hotel.
  9. Javier cannot leave without his Vitagens and Sprites.
  10. Javier is the fairest amongst his siblings.. funny thing is that when I was pregnant with him, I craved for coffee each and everyday.

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