Our Police Force…..

A friend of mine sent me this link:

I was shocked beyond words.. what if I was in the car with my kids?
Yeah > we weren’t there and we don’t know the real truth.. but still?
Is this the only way our police force had in mind?
This happened at the entrance of Cheras Mahkota
Yup, the taman which police/grand saga barricaded it’s entrance.. and yet it got destroyed duno how many times already by the residents and some thoughtful samaritans who thinks it’s just unfair to them.
Come on la.. people and families just wanna reach home earlier after a hard days’ work.. haven’t you heard before?
-Home Sweet Home-
Mommies and Daddies wanna see their cute and adorable kids.. hardworking wives are waiting for hubbies and kids to come home..
With that barricade there.. drivers have to drive 6km further and have to fork out 90cents…and it takes extra 15 minutes to reach home..
Walau-eh.. I just think that the authorities should be a little more considerate..
Afterall they paid so much to live in that area and with a promised of a direct access road to their taman..

See the picture at the bottom:

Now got barricade after barricade.. not tiring wan meh? Wasting money some more..
I know the residents there aren’t tired cuz’ they’re just taking back what they earned…
Btw, have you seen the road from the highway linking to Cheras Mahkota?
It’s a beautiful road.. got flowers some more.. why did they even plant flowers when no one is utilizing the road?
For who to see? Why spend the money on plants instead of something more useful.
The other day, I went and have a look. I pity the old folks..
There were quite a number of them.. most of them, bongkok with gray-white hair..
sitting down…chewing on nuts..under the tent.. luckily there was a tent… if rain how?

It’s really inconsiderate for those who wants to take advantage of the Cheras Mahkota residents..
even though I don’t live there.. I feel them.. kinda sad when think about it.
Maybe you should go have a look yourself..
First, try the road that made up so much fuss… then try the road that uses the toll…then you’ll understand what I mean…

Other people in overseas are battling with natural disasters; earthquakes/typhoons…while we here battle with road barricades..kinda embarassing to think about it…sigh~

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