How I met…. MY HUBBY!!!

Wow.. this is going to be interesting. Back during school days.. say 7 years ago, I was actually dating another guy..
Sorry I don’t want to release any names.. not to embarass anyone.. not that I feel embarrassed about, if not I wouldn’t be blabbing here.. I wanna explain here cause of the embarassment he had caused me since back then.
Oh I don’t hold grudges against YOU.. just that you had your time; and mine is now.
Alright I won’t go into details.. unless someone asked me too.. I promised..

Okay let”s start.. I met my hubby through my ex-bf . We are cyber-kakis. Used to be anyway.
One day, after I visited ex-my bf during his lunch hour when he was working at LM, I went to the cab stand to wait for a cab to go home.. then I spotted hubby driving by.. and guess what? He spotted me too..wink~
It was like ‘love at first sight’; thou’ some people say it ain’t real. Well it proves here. My heart went BOOM-BOOM-BOOM..
Okay hubby overshot..didn’t make it to stop. Then a cab came by and I hailed it.. but I didn’t know hubby had made a turn.
I was already in the cab when I saw him in his car behind me. We just waved goodbye.. that’s all for that day. Next I don’t know how he found my ICQ UIN and added me.. (sorry last time ICQ was HOT~)
We chat till the wee and phone.. never wanting to say goodbye.. then he asked me out on a shopping trip.. what kinda guy
ask a girl out for a shopping trip on the first date right? Oh was it a date? Haha…
Btw, it was fun!!! Thou’ he bought the clothes not me.. We wasn’t all over each other on the first date> MIND YOU!

So, since ex-bf is a jerk, then I dumped him.. Why keep him when I was a banker in the relationship, rite? Anyway he’s too dirty minded to live with… and he’s not bf material.. urrghh…
Well, dumped the perv.. then I moved on. Who doesn’t right; when a knight in shining armor comes to the rescue!!

Furthermore hubby is sweet.. sweetest guy I’ve ever met.. most guys in my school are immature back then..but now I don’t know.
So hubby and I started the relationship smoothly.. erm you know where it gets out of hand?
Two love birds caged together by themselves? Electricity forms you know?
Then poof.. making babies are hot on the topic…

Haha.. anyway. This ends the story of “How I Met My Hubby“.

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