A Fast Forward Version of How I Became a Young MOM of 3~

Hey there, I’m Elena.. got pregnant with my first child when i was 16.. hmm maybe i wasn’t even 16 yet.. close to 16? Ohh don’t bother, it doesn’t matter now. Then, I left school, and my friends left me.. well most of them. Usually you can’t count the number of friends you have. I can.. 1,2,3 >2 maybe? I have cyber-friends thou, but it ain’t the same.. I don’t mean to insult.. but it’s true.

Back to story, OK I got pregnant, my parents found out> OUCH!!!
Told Jake, the father;my husband, he’s great.. often is.. I think.. hehe.. he said he’ll go through it with me no matter what! See? Isn’t he great? He didn’t went running, did he?
Then, his parents found out> double OUCH!!!
We had everything FF(fast-forward not what you think it is).. we had our pre-wedding pictures taken at ‘De Paris’.. truthfully, they aren’t nice.. they looked fake.. you know like models trying hard to keep that smile just to pleased the photographer? We plan to retake the pics.. but it’ll be post-marriage pics then.. OK, we had the dinner celebration at Mines Resort City on the 28th of JULY 2001 even before we registered our marriage at JPN. Is that illegal? Well, anyway we had our marriage certificate a few months later..

Then on the 8th of November 2001, Joe Anselm Yong Zhen came into the world.. sounds awkward.. came into the world.. but that’s how people put it.. Before he came into the world, there was a lot of ups and downs.. both physically and mentally.. physically>NO, Jake did not hit me.. what i meant was physically on baby Joe. When he was in me, my gynae found out that his intestine is not inside his stomach.. it was outside.. floating? Sounds freaky right? It did freak us out as well.. freak my FIL the most. Had some important discussions here and there.. did some test.. mighty pricey test.. turns out that he’s OK… had to do caesarean so right after i got my GA, got the baby out, poof he went for surgery to push the intestine back into his stomach..

*GA> very shiok.. where you get to count backwards.. I personally love the feeling of drowsiness and the part where it goes blank.. no pain.. thumbs up.. but I swear it makes you a little less of a memory keeper.. don’t know if it’s the GA or the pregnancy..
~but the recovering part from the Caesarean is so so pain.. pain-est ever.. can’t stand up staight.. can’t pee… not to scare you girls but you’ll fear pain no more after going through that..

OK, back to story mode, Joe had his surgeries, sorry it was 2 times.. have to cut short the story in order to FF.. he stayed in Gleneagles Ampang for a month.. so my confinement was basically in between home and hospital.. Jake and I had to travel back and forth to visit him.. to give him moral support.. Eh you think babies don’t know? Wait till you have one then you’ll know.. They seems to know and feels everything…

That time i was staying with my inlaws.. but I don’t get on well with my ‘you know who’.. so we moved to a condominium.. but it was scary.. our lot was on the highest floor which was the 19th floor.. and I’m paranoid by those rapist and robbers.. what to do, I was still a young girl even though I have a baby, right? So we moved to my mom’s and it’s still my home till now.
At least we don’t have to go through cat fights and stormy weather everyday.. at least we don’t have to pray for sunny weather before returning home… that’s where the mental stress comes from..
I stated as ‘comes’ not ‘came’ cause it’s still coming..
Hmm.. leave you to think of what I mean..

Then.. a year and a half later, I got pregnant with my second child, Judith Ann Yong Qi. She was born on 16th of May 2003. I had caesarean too, and this time the pain ain’t that bad.. see what I told you? First cut is the hardest and the deepest..
Then.. a year and a half later, I got pregnant with my third child(eh, I did not copy and paste from the above, I typed).. baby Javier Andre Yong Zhing was born on the 23rd of March 2005.. he’s cute as a pea but is a cheeky devil? Haha
He resembles his dad.. got his dad’s trades.. juicy type.. wahaha

So now, Joe is 6 (turning 7 in November), Judith just turned 5 and Javier is 3…

FF> fast-forward
GA> general anaesthetic
FIL> father in law


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  • Hello!

    Saw your blog through YouthMedia, I think your kids are beautiful! Very interesting blog – first caught my attention when someone told me you were a 24 yo with 3 kids! Will be dropping by more often :)

  • interesting blog.
    i can see tht u are happy with ur life. :)
    hey, while reading bout ur self, did mizundaztood with the FF word, haha.
    keep on blogging. cheers

  • yea came across this when searching for babyproof hotel, and was surprised to see 24yo with 3 kids? Then got more interested and read more, hehehe

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